The Effect of Education on Today’s Students

The modern public school in this nation was created to establish an informed electorate, so they could vote for qualified individuals to lead the nation.

You can be the judge as to whether that goal has been achieved.

Today’s post-modern education borrowed leadership models from the military so that students would be prepared to serve in the military or in the workplace where time changes were signaled by the bell or whistle. But those jobs are gone, and corporations are worldwide.  Students went to college to learn for specialty jobs , such as the practice of law or medicine, and perhaps management and the ministry.  But it seems that every job today requires a college degree.

So let’s call today’s education “TechnEducation,” where we’re trying to determine how to increase our standards and compete with the rest of the world, bringing test scores up to higher levels, and preparing students for jobs that probably don’t exist today. What’s unfortunate, however, is we’ve just discovered that employees will probably cease to exist as we currently define them.

Gone are the days when people started work with a company and stayed there until retirement. While younger Baby Boomers and older Genexers are finding that they’ve changed jobs a number of times, there are few workers that can make a career out of their job. Today, Milliennials have a goal of independence, and possess the opportunity to do so because of technology. There aren’t many who see themselves as the CEO of a major company…unless it’s their company.

Further, they don’t see themselves in that position 30 years down the road.  They see themselves there now, doing what they believe will generate sustainable revenue while having an immediate impact.  In their jobs today, they seek acknowledgement by being allowed to share their ideas, having them validated, and continuing to be motivated when those ideas are implemented.

But when they’re told, “That’s a nice idea, but it’ll never work because that’s not the way we’ve always done it,” or “Thank you for your ideas; now go do what you were hired to do,” they’re not going to go back and work hard at their job; they’ll work hard – but it will be at finding a new job where their ideas are valued.

And, if they don’t find it, they’ll figure out how to create it.  After all, we value innovation, not “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

That begs the question: What kind of educational environment will they be expecting for their children?

Don’t look for teachers to be the answer.

Schools are finding that they can’t find substitute teachers anymore. Too many qualifications and regulations for too little pay, and too many issues surrounding special needs awareness are causing potential teachers to open their own home-based or microschools, offer tutoring, or provide online training.

Next week, more proof that those considering the teaching profession will be looking at different careers or instructional opportunities.

Why?  Lawmakers and school boards don’t respect them.