What Happened to Education News?

Here’s a lesson in how quickly something  that’s been around for a decade can disappear, and still stay on the Web – at least for a while – then disappear.

A great resource for news in the education space was Education News at http://www.educationnews.org.  Starting in 1997, their mission was a noble one:

A Global Leading News Source covering educational, political, business, and environmental issues. Since 1997 EducationNews has provided the latest daily EducationNews coverage from world-wide sources. In addition to the U. S. and world media publications, commentaries and reports are featured and include comprehensive views on education issues from all sides of the political spectrum. EducationNews.org has been ranked Number 1 for many years in our coverage of education. EducationNews.org is a fresh approach to the age-old problem of increasing coverage of education news. Unfortunately, education is not a topic that news organizations are able to provide premium coverage to all the time, thus ironically, all education experts face the same problem – the difficulty of educating the public.

The last line is of particular importance:  All education experts face the same problem – the difficulty of educating the public.

The public demands better schools for their children, but wants lower taxes.  For those of you that remember math class, those are mutually exclusive sets.  And, in this case, mindsets.

Private and faith-based schools raise their tuitions, which makes more and more parents opt for the public school, sometimes against their wishes, and the public school system must provide accommodation.  Larger class sizes means less personalized attention, so to compensate, more teachers are hired, and revenues need to be generated.  So while people may not be paying tuition, they may be paying higher taxes.  They’ll complain either way.

The revenue has to be there.  In today’s political climate, it’s the Libertarians who may have the right mindset – “There is no free lunch” – but it’s a phrase that no one wants to hear.

So what does this have to do with Education News’ Web site?  It’s gone.  In 2019, it was still online, but the last article was published in September of 2016, with no indication that’s it’s out of business, ceased operations, or moved to a new URL.  The URL now redirects to a site that helps the visitor discover educational opportunities.

Certainly educating the public is difficult, but since a component of education is discovering the “why” through the “how,” it’s ironic that an education resource never explained what happened to their site.  And that seems to be the way things are today.  It brings to mind the lyrics of the classic song by Joni Mitchell: “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.”