Bullying Isn’t Acceptable In Schools – But It Seems To Be Acceptable In Adults

(Original article published in March, 2016; updated for March, 2019 and March 2022)

At least, that’s what the media is teaching our society.  Check out these Web resources, and see if you find the dysfunction.  Begin by visitng http://www.greatschools.org/gk/articles/stamp-out-bullying/

Pay close attention to the section that says, “What Are the Signs That My Child Is a Bully?”  Now, keep those traits in mind when reading  https://www.cio.com/article/3107165/cyberbullying-continues-to-drag-twitter-down.html

If teachers do this, they would lose their job, and their career would be ruined for life.  Yes, we’ve witnessed government officials using Twitter to rant, citing their right to free speech….except that it’s not speech.  Speech is speaking; publication on a media platform is freedom of the press, also protected under the first amendment.  However, if they incite sedition, that’s another matter…and there’s a word that many need to look up.

What is the most effective means of teaching?  By example.  What is the most effective way individuals learn?  By what they experience.  Most recently, some “concerned community members” ran for school board on a platform of extreme conservative values – and won.  What has happened?  There’s used to be decorum and discussion displayed at school board meetings.  Today, it’s not uncommon for school board members to show up for meetings in T-Shirts with inappropriate language and sunglasses.  That behavior goes against the school district’s dress code.  The questions to ask:

  • What is this teaching our young people?
  • What does this portend for the future of our nation?