The Problem: No One Teaches About Financial Literacy

The United States has a problem.  It’s called the National Debt.

School Districts have a problem.  It’s called eroding tax bases, which means cutting education expenses.

Families have a problem.  It’s called credit card debt.

College graduates have a problem.  It’s called student loan debt.

Anyone see a pattern?

Education News recently did, and found part of the cause.  Read about it at

With that in mind, be on the lookout for a new blog launching soon, called “The Financial Literacy Blog” (at  There’s one out there now, but it’s intended for entrepreneurs and small business owners to gain insights into running a successful business and it’s not locate in the United States.  This new one will be designed to share the importance of saving, of managing debt and budgeting to solidify one’s financial future.

Remember, what you schedule gets done.  What you don’t teach isn’t learned.